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DIY AC-USB Charger

DIY AC-USB Charger

Pretty much all of the recently released “handheld” electronics these days whether it be an MP3 Player, Digital Camera, or Personal Game machine can be charged via USB. Here is how you can make your own iPod charger an AC charger and battery eliminator for an iPod or iPod Mini.

Things You Will Need

  • 1 x USB PC Slot Card
  • 1 x 3 – 12VDC 1Amp Switchmode Switchable Power Supply
  • Soldering iron and solder suitable for electronics work
  • Tools eg. side-cutters, wire stripper, philips-head screwdriver, sharp knife
  • PVC electrical insulating tape
  • Self-vulcanising rubber tape (optional)
  • 2.5 cm heat-shrink tubing, diameter selected to fit over the soldered wires (optional)
  • Multimeter (optional)

This little hack is so simple I’m surprised I haven’t seen someone do it before. I needed this for myself when I couldn’t get the real deal for a friend’s iPod Mini, then decided they cost too much anyway. The "real deal" has an iPod docking plug on one end of it and an AC plug-pack on the other. This is nice for plugging into an iPod, but useless for any other device. Thiss little hack will give you your own AC charger or battery eliminator for many USB battery-powered devices, including an Apple iPod or iPod Mini. I did a bit of hunting around and came up with a cost-effective plug-pack and cable configuration which should be suitable for any USB battery-powered device for less than AU$50.00.


I selected a plug-pack where input AC voltages may vary between 100v and 240v so the charger/battery eliminator should be usable in most countries. DC output is switchable and regulated and when 5 volts DC output is selected, USB devices should be quite happy.

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