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PIC programmer

PIC programmer

This programmer is Essential when experimenting with PIC. Programs PIC16Fxxx and PIC18Fxxxx series (8, 18, 28 and 40 pins)
16F84A, 16F877A, 18F452 (DIL and PLCC) tested successfully with the IC-Prog software. 18F4550 (DIL) works fine with the PICPgm programmer software. Also programs EEPROMs (8 pins) type 24LCxx with the IC-Prog software.


When working with a 16F877, 18F452, 18F2550 or a 18F4550, prototype programming with a bootloader can be done with the excellent Tiny PIC bootloader, through the RC6 & RC7 pins. But, you will need this PIC programmer to write the PIC the first time with.

PLCC is also possible! Just build a small adapter-pcb with a 44-pins PLCC-socket and a 40-pins DIL output… only 5 wires are needed!

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